Open love letter to Adam Lambert


You are who you are. A gentleman with a great voice; the rock Farinelli.

You deserved that victory tonight, and all the controversy over your preference in life should not have been a factor.
We have all seen the extremes, the hate and the “coalition” formed to defeat you. Why? They fear you that much?

Kris Allen is a baby seal. No one wants to see him hurt, but is he the true idol? Not for me. Safe and unchallenging, he hoped he wouldn’t win because of the “christian vote”. (cough)

Adam, pay them no mind. You win in every category. A gentle, amazingly gifted performer. You will be the one with sold out houses and millions in record sales.

Elvis wouldn’t have won either.

For all you who pray, my prayer is this:

One day this glorious flag will fly over a country that treats all it’s citizens the same.

~ by aprilemillo on May 21, 2009.

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