Now where were we?

Have not posted since 2018. Very unusual busy time and wonderful moments. More to come, but this was some of the highlights in between.

May I just say that sharing music with an audience is one of the great privileges of any career. Every time is so unique and precious. My debt with the NYCO was worh the wait…. packed house on a frigid New York night, and the audience came to enjoy and catch up with a women they have seen since she was 22 years old. The great triumphs and the odd lows, they came knowing it all, and I am deeply grateful they were curious to hear more and support a great and emotional evening of singing. Generous with their time and their talents, my blazing orchestra, pianist Inseon Lee and Merynda Adams on harp, Christopher Collins Lee on Violin and for the Aida duet, Kevin Short as Amonasaro….all splendid…..

A return to Carnegie Hall, the new Zankle Hall. A lovely if somewhat dry acoustic, but now a dear friend in theaters I have had the privilege to share music in. My debut with the New York City Opera came in Recital. More to share but for now this little update…

Christopher Collins Lee, Inseon Lee, myself, and Merynda Adams for the NYCO debut of this generation of Millo in front of my beloved New York public that watched me grow up, packed to the rafters and cheering madly. Made my heart sing!!!
Curtain calls and bouquets and love both ways!
A terrific post on Instagram gives from great flavor…..what a collage he made. Talented gentleman and so very exciting for me to see.

This was such a dream come true. The reviews, all quite encouraging, left me hungry to do more. I will have that chance…but more on that when I can announce.

In July winning the Verdi Lifetime Achievement Award, Verdi D’Oro of Busseto, Italy.

Stay tuned for more news abut a new website, and a host of other lovely opportunities for those that love my work. Even during a quarantine…can you imagine… Pryaing for all those who have lost someone, or have loved ones in trouble. WE can get through this….stay home. stay alive and stay ready to vote as if our lives and loves and democracy depended on it.

It does.

Son molti fior……..

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