Favorite Movie Clips

Who else to begin this collection but the woman who refused to be boxed in by any ordinary standards. Mae West. Fun delivery, ala West and Sophie Tucker. The walk on alone is worth the view.
Her successor for stand up and belt it out like a true showman(lady) Ethel Merman in a glamorous clip. She was something.This woman is an opera. So full of mystery and elegance and just something beyond the reach of everyone it seems. The face is hours of study. Amazing actress.This tribute in screencaps to her in a fabulous role in “Love”….. “The films got small….” Look at the luminous quality of this face and expression.most especially this one.This is tangible the erotic feeling. Unlike anything I have ever seen on film.Clark Gable…. in a film I have seen so many times I could recite it.”Gone with the Wind” 1939The way she devours Gary Cooper with her eyes. Marlene sizzles here in a provocative seduction of the room and a certain handsome soldier. I loved Gary Cooper.Sophie Tucker fantastically waxes nostalgic…..she should only know how it would all change.Broadway Melody of 1938 is a 1937 musical film, produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, directed by Roy Del Ruth. The film is essentially a backstage musical revue, featuring high-budget sets and cinematography in the MGM musical tradition. Among its many stars are Eleanor Powell, Robert Taylor, Judy Garland, Sophie Tucker, Buddy Ebsen, George Murphy, and Binnie Barnes.Rudolph Valentino so sexy, my.Tyrone Power takes my breath away. The special effects weren’t so bad either in the second clip.The film : “The Rain Came”“Laura” is the face in the misty light.A pretty girl is just like a melody. I loved this old Hollywood salute to all things beautiful.Jane Froman beofre the illness that made her unable to walk. A rare film excerpt.This is the female Bing Crosby. I adore this song and her voice. Alice Faye, such beautiful coloring and charm, and she is so darn pretty too.Dedicated to my Momma, who I miss so much. “You’ll Never Know”ty-power-alex-band-smaller.jpgalex-chicago-fire-ty-power-smaller.jpgThere are no words for his beauty.   Another great favorite of mine, anything she did really, I absolutely loved, was Jeanette MacDonald. “Les Filles de cadiz”   “Sempre libera”  Great clip also to show how it feels to be on stage.  The enormous stage……   I believed after seeing this as a child that EVERYONE sang. The world was filled with townhouses of musicians and everyone was happy.  How marvelous to grow up thinking that for at least a little while. I also desperately love and want that little puppy!   “Chasonette” from Naughty Marietta.


One of the great screen beauties and I think also with the right material a very compelling and talented actress.  Here in this scene of her portrayal of Jeanne Eagles, “I want romance” is the incandescent Kim Novak.  

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