The 12 of July In Carrara: To Honor an Angel in a Church! Renata Tebaldi

duomo3I am so pleased to announce, that with magnificent help from many dear friends, one giant of a man, we are able to present in the incredibly beautiful, awe inspiring IL Duomo di Carrara, a marvel of antiquity and artistic history and beauty, a special concert that will mark my return to Italy to sing with many wonderful artists, as an evening in a Church for one of our most beloved singing angels, the great, the unique the one the only…..Renata Tebaldi….

Much more to come, and information on the gracious artists who will be lending their gifts from God to pay homage to this great legendary voice, all  to raise monies for the sparkling success that is the brand new Museo Tebaldi, curated with love and true adoration by the Comitato Tebaldi, tireless work by Giovanna Colombo and the shining presence of one of Renata’s truest and biggest parts of her heart, Tina Vigano’.  This Museo is to remember Renata, and in a small way as well, the history of melodrama as their are also rare examples of costumes and momentoes from some of the greats that served opera.  During Milano’s EXPO and in this fabulous week of the busy Weeks of Festival of Marmo in historic Carrara where so many geniuses went to their quarries to summon the magic from their pieces of marble, as Michelangelo said of his David, to “release him” from inside that giant piece of marble…. and so many artisans have honored the Duomo of Carrara…. by leaving examples and treasures of their work to adorn the church…. You are surrounded by art at every glance, and now joined to the art of the human voice, you will be bathed in beauty and some of God’s greatest reminders…..Much more to share…but save the DATE and come celebrate with me as we open this Summer of Discovery with a gift of love and support and our voices raised in song for Renata Tebaldi.  Stay tuned….. you will not want to miss this!

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They seem to be saying….. stay tuned….. much more to come…..and Brava Renata…. so many to thank and so many to share with you all, but save the date, 12 of July….. in Carrara…..Il Duomo di Carrara….. come be with me!

~ by aprilemillo on June 4, 2015.