The Merry Merry Month of ….November!






Aprile Millo Vetere Opera Spectacular! 1a


On November 13, I am presenting at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre in a very unusual concert to showcase the talents of a Canadian operatic dynamo in the lush voiced soprano, Mary Lou Vetere, and her amazing studio of hot blooded, fired up incredibly devoted artists to opera, it’s history and its authentic traditions.  She and they are fantastic young talent for the opera, and I will present them in a show unlike anything you have ever seen.  Do not miss the chance to hear these wonderful voices.


Then on November 15th, I return to the Toronto stages at the same gorgeous Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre with acclaimed virtuoso pianist, Linda Ippolito for a truly trip around the world in music. Arias and duets featuring my guest artists, Mary-Lou Vetere on accordion, a rare treat, since now she is exclusively singing herself, and is an award winning accordionist as well, among the many talents, fabulous baritone Gustavo Ahualli, from the Teatro Colon and Merynda Adams on magical, divine harp. Not your ordinary recital, but a chance to be together sharing music and emotions….



aprile millo recital toronto




November 18th, 2014 my return to New York for the celebratory Gala of 20 years for the great Teatro Grattacielo and that will be a real treat.  Seldom heard pieces and many beautiful moments of Verismo.  I am dedicating my performance parts to Licia Albanese, Magda Olivero, and Carlo Bergonzi, who all within a few weeks of each other crossed to Paradise and I want to give them my send off.





Vert exciting return to Genoa for Tosca, new production, with the stentorian Gregory Kunde and the dark glory of Baritone, Carlos Alvarez. Maestro Phillpe Auguin conducts. It should be very very special and I am honored to return in this amazing opera to this fantastic, vital theater filled with people who really love opera.

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