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First chance in forever to sit and contemplate the lovely summer I just had…. so much service to music and so much opportunity to help and then the added gift of being able to sing…. I had never hoped to make London one of the glorious cities I had a love affair with the public, but I did get to have this amazing opportunity for just that.

A brand new organization of about maybe two years in London, The London Bel Canto Festival held Master Classes and musical events to further the continues appreciation of the Bel Canto traditions, begun by Kenneth Langley Querns and a program that offers also classes of real detail with many famed opera greats, Bruce Ford one of the first to help form the Festival……..just heaven, and they asked me come to do a Master Class and a Recital….and there it is…. worked with some really good talent and wonderful young people, and musical associates and had a terrific time. There is a lot of talent.


Millo before the Recital in London Debut....

39951634_2212752258982122_5201176043649499136_o       with Inseon Lee, pianist and with Jeffrey Carl, fabulous friend and baritone.


The Hall itself was gorgeous, and the people who run it are crackerjack spot on with their professional but very gracious way of helping you be your best. To those who work at the Cadogan Hall, my sincerest compliments. There we were in the mid august period, not a lot of publicity, and apart from some well placed interviews before the recital, this young group had its work cut out for them. Proms week in London. Very hard, and most of the PR there are only interested in people who don’t really need much help. Disappointing only their lack of imagination, and real knowledge of those that serve this music….but I must say, after they saw the reaction to some of the interviews they were able to procure, it got their attention and we all learned something….so that is good too. Oh well, flash forward, we had a terrific and enthusiastic crowd and one certainly ready to receive and enjoy and truly fabulous press.

Opera Today Millo Review

I won’t hold back here, I had a ball. My pianist, musical collaborators were extraordinary considering the very limited time we had to rehearse, and i am in their debt for their supreme support and good will.  In Italy by way of Korea, I found a young powerhouse pianist through my academy in Italy, and we just happened to meet in front of La Scala and that was that. Inseon Lee is a treasure to anyone who loves selfless, magnificent orchestral like playing…. she is so open and old time opera savvy…. plays for the Accademia della Scala, and really everywhere they want great playing,


the fabulous John Copley……





This was graciously recorded at the back of the auditorium, and on a zoom…. but it will remain a wonderful memory for me of a dream come true…..never stop dreaming…. it is the stuff of magic….. SO very thrilled and much more to come.

O del mio amato ben


Cara Mia Venenzia

Love Went a ‘riding

Ne poi kratsavitza    in loving memory of Dima.

Elegie Massenet

Kerry Dancing

For Verne O Hara, our Princess Verne and her daughter, Leslie O’Hara.

Rose of Traelee and Bendeemer Stream and Danny Boy for my parents.

In Memory of my great friend and teacher, Rita Patane’ and Dr. Simonetta Puccini, both are in my heart every day…..   Cecilia…. full of emotion…..

Non t’amo piu

Insolitaria Stanza   Verdi

Aida  of Verdi      Ciel Mio Padre with Baritone, Jeffrey Carl

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