The Summer Sizzled! Onward to More…..


Opera Niagara was a huge revelation to me….so important to help those young talents to use immediately what they learn in studio and in the furnace of the performance help them stay calm to allow it to polish their diamond…..superb….. loved the productions and the performances….. terrific from Maria Vetere and Joel Ricci in La Boheme, Heather Thomas and Giacomo Folinazzo in AIDA, Teiya Kasahara a frighteningly superb Lady Macbeth and Brian Gow and Catherine Wethington among some of the highlights…… More to come on that…..and so happy about it.


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But then the Summer, and the great chances to help some more and even sing myself. It is amazing how easy this all becomes now. The world is in turmoil and it needs voices and beauty… with that in mind, off we went, Maria Vetere and myself, and had a really marvelous time getting to renew cherished old friendships and baptism a new theater for myself in Italy in recital with the amazing orchestra at the piano of Vincenzo Scalera….. Teatro Avvaloranti in Città della Pieve, in Umbria….a place I had known many years ago, and really fell in love with….so Middle Ages, filled with Castelli and truly amazing warm hearted people. Great packed recital for Raffaella Franci and the Associazione della Amici della Lirica for this picturesque city…. truly fabulous time, and great singing especially form Maria Vetere.  This was a breakout summer for this accomplished young lady….  Here I place a bunch of random shots, from the whole summer and will be more precise with chronological order later…. but did want to say hello to all who follow me here….and to tell you there is a huge announcement coming…..fingers crossed…..hopes high….. it will be amazing……




Vincenzo Scalerà

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Some few photos of the Casa Barezzi Bel Canto Evening with Maestro extraordinaire Richard Bonynge and Inseon Lee at piano, and Maria Vetere and Lindsey Duggan closing the program on a rainy and thunder night with the duet of Norma as conducted by this bel canto champion…..


Visiting in Verdi’s Birth house in Roncole….. with the two musicologists as well as music lovers…..they were so excited, I was over whelmed with the thought of where I was and that young Verdi lived there and drew first inspiration in that house looking at those walls and fixtures….


We have a mad crush on him….. Mary and He are having a wonderful time in this picture… is abundantly clear….. how joyous……




Almost surrealistic to return to Brazil…..such a part of my life and career…..and such a welcome…..




A house of great memories and an incredible public….. so happy to return now when so much beauty is needed and old friends and fans wanted this so much.  packed house.


Honored to be given the Claudia Muzio Award and The Ida Miccolis Award from her daughter herself…..very emotional….. Fernando Bicudo made this all come together…… with Maria Vetere featured by the Canadian Government  as well and lauded for being in Brazil… a lovely baritone Davide Marcado, and tenor Eric Herrero and Pricilla Bonfim as pianist…..







with wonderful friends, and the family of Ida Miccolis, her beloved daughter


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