Renata Tebaldi & Jussi Bjoerling: AMAZING!

This is definitive full out gorgeous singing with tremendous personality and charisma.

Tebaldi is a fabulous Mimi, to me this is the voice you must have to sing this.

In recent years, as with everything in opera,certain roles meant for a true full lyric or actually a spinto, with lyric capabilities is given to a small lyric or voice too narrow to complete the overall lush quality of this music. I have heard it done with great effect by smaller voices, but frankly, this is what I want in Mimi.
The mike cannot even handle the size of both of these voices at the end. Bravissimi.

Oh and by the way, a wonderful tenor voice is making his Metropolitan Opera Debut on the 25th of October in Lucia with the very best conductor, James Levine and coming out of the great studio of Bill Schuman.

His name is Stephen Costello. Remember the date, remember the name.

He has the face of an angel and the voice of a young tenor God. It’s a baby, only 26 but with a really stunning voice . Everyone is buzzing at the opera house. Not many like this.

Don’t miss it, and be very glad…he is very special.

~ by aprilemillo on September 22, 2007.

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