Another divine Miss M- as in Milanov

I will never forget this lady.  She was grand and loved her voice every bit as much as all of her public did.  This excerpt is manifest of so much beauty and ease.  

Zinka Milanov “Vissi d’arte” from Tosca (Puccini) from: VAI DVD 4244  Producer’s Showcase Festival of Music Vol. 1 1956


and this very direct interview about her return to the Met after a hiatus of several years.     She was sensitive as well as a legendary voice.  I hate that she ever felt discarded or felt her colleagues unkind, and loved how it eventually played out for her. She came to all of my early performances seated in the first row on the audience right, stage left with a massive Beehive and applause for her entrance at just the right moment to promenade to her seat amidst the roar of applause…..  I always looked for that beehive and once found would wink at her knowing it was she. Flowers with a card and a rare word of praise or encouragement were always backstage, especially effusive at Trovatore and Aida.  She was really very kind to me and full of advice and support I will never ever forget……I loved this grand and great lady with the silvery voice,  indomitable spirit  and otherworld  fabulous piani.  

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