A Swan that loves the ground under her feet

Fantastic to study a new person, in music. This restless woman, this woman, unlike the swan, beautiful and gliding on water, but awkward and almost silly on ground, Giorgetta wants to feel the ground secure under her feet and feels off put and off balance on the water. Hates to float around on the water. Misses interaction with the world, a kind of purgatory , as it was I think originally created to be by Puccini…. what incredible music…. so much still to discover…. a journey in music. So many flights of melody soaring that come back to Earth, she is so desperate to get away…to be free, yet she remains with Michele? Different times, but her betrayal…. the baby, the loss. Still coming to terms with her story, so I may tell it in my heart and with my sound in an honest way….

~ by aprilemillo on January 8, 2014.

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