Historic Lady

In what I am sure will be regarded as one of the great speeches in history, a woman shows Washington and the world how to win in losing, put the country’s issues and needs in front of her own, and valiantly go forward in service to her party and her country. The Democrats are lucky to have her and will the race for the highest office in the land be as interesting without her?

We will have to see if she is rightfully asked to join the team fighting for America’s best hopes and desires. She certainly deserves it. She was a tower of strength today, with her 89 year old momma holding back her tears unsuccessfully hidden behind Bill and Chelsea, she shed none. Kerry cried, Gore cried, everyone cries a little. Not Hillary. Too much work remaining to do. Whadda a gal!

Can’t say I was very proud of how this primary campaign was covered by the increasingly invasive media. They seem not to tell the story, reveal the news to us so much as invent it. Same thing in every part of the world of news and the arts. If it isn’t the way you want it, reporters are encouraged to just “say” it is and hope it sticks. Edward R. Murrow would be on a rotisserie in his grave.

McCain is a decent and wonderful maverick. He suffered a lot for this country. Many times the easy way out was offered and he stubbornly refused it to remain- in agony – with his comrades. They don’t make men like that a lot these days. He is not your normal Republican. He is his own man.

I respect the promise of Obama and hope he seasons quickly, here is so much bright and fabulous potential in him. I would like to exist in a world his speeches paint for us so glowingly. God be with us all.

I remember a summer like this in 1968, being in Washington, my mother insisting my brother and sister and I go to the Potamac. and seeing the peaceful march, men and women camped out in little cardboard houses “Resurrection City” it was called. They were waiting for a great speech from a visionary. Martin Luther King. Bobby Kennedy was running for President. It was a time drenched in history.

A woman could have been President. That would have been a real change. A great change. An African American has the chance now. These are fabulous times.

Brava, dear Hillary. What a way to go,……. for now.

Head held high, never a quitter, looking forward, always, looking forward.

~ by aprilemillo on June 8, 2008.

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