Tebaldi incandescent in what would be last interview

To hear her voice again gives me great emotion. To see how beautiful she is and remained until the last difficult days. To hear her speak of her momma and her early life. To hear her say to everyone that Tina was the second greatest gift after her voice and family of course, that God ever gave her, touches me greatly. Tina is one of kind and I adore her.

To hear about Toscanini and Del Monaco, her debut in Trieste and her mentioning Quadri, a great maestro with whom I did AIDA in Colorado. What he had forgotten most need to learn.

The little clip of her towering Butterfly of prodigious warmth and the perfect amplitude, it is all just a gift.

I had not seen this before. Paolo Limiti obviously adores her, he can barely stay in his own seat.

How very lovely to spend a little time with this great lady again.

I miss you so much. What a little hello.

This and Magda in one week.

I know what I will give thanks for on Sunday.

~ by aprilemillo on June 17, 2009.

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