In the rearview mirror


Sitting here thinking back on the year. Looking forward to the next. Music is still the salvation for me.

A very arresting and intriguing election took place this November last, aerating the ground for hopeful and positive changes promised in the New Year with this historic Presidency.

Strides still to come in the corridor of human rights and civil rights applied equally for all.

One day this glorious flag will fly over a nation that treats ALL it’s citizens the same.

As the step daughter of former Commander in the United States Navy, I salute all those incredible and brave men and women who are so very far from home this holiday season. Thank you for what you are doing and another prayer is that you are all home safely as soon as possible.

The amazing Magda Olivero still knows how to have fun and wow people. Amazing artist, God bless you.

The tedium of non musical disciplines. This little “dreamer” reminds me of me on a diet. He is imagining that that big ole’ carrot is really a giant hot fudge sundea!” Positive visualization. No choice really, too young to throw in the towel, too old to feign ignorance of the harm of carrying weight in the extreme.

Fighting the inner and the outer struggle, and defending the world of opera from needless attacks, sometimes leveled by it’s own servants. It has nohing to apologize for.

~ by aprilemillo on December 30, 2008.

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