La Dolce Vita!

A Franco Corelli that looked like a James Bond. A perfect example of the men in Italy in the 50’s early 1960’s. Masculine, debonair, and I think, unique. Pair the looks with a voice that left every listener “shaken….and stirred”. La Ekberg being a great trooper, to the vast enjoyment of half the male population at the time in Rome it seemed gathered to watch, stayed in the water throughout the night to get the right shot for the great director. Followed by the scene, which I absolutely adore. It was one of my favorite places to be and relax, a beach feeling within the city.
The final clip has some of the greatest lines and feeling in it. The beauty of the cast, the haunted star, and the “conscious” that spoke volumes. The whole film is drenched in the realism that sometimes borders on cynicism of the culture of Italy in those days. Their distinct love of the real, the pure and the innocent, the miracle possible, the saint uncorrupted. Their voyage is one for us all…….

~ by aprilemillo on February 23, 2008.