The Sanctuary Sessions

For years I listened to a fabulous two disc set of Rosa Ponselle called the Villa Pace Recordings. In them, she recorded, sometimes playing for herself, songs and arias she always wanted to sing.. I thought how magnificent, and it occurred to me that I might have some fun, get my mind off the political horror of today, and cloak myself in the mantle of music, surround myself in new roles, make music with wonderful new friends and old friends, in new chances to share my voice with those that enjoy it, and as such, I am proud to announce that coming out in September will be a gathering of at least nine new pieces, in the

              Aprile Millo~The Sanctuary Sessions.


It is to be recorded mostly in Toronto’s beautiful Trinity Saint Paul’s United- which has a gorgeous place to record and to perform called the Sanctuary….where i did a very wonderful recital in 2015.It is the home of Taefelmusic….

So, on this recording will be arias and several duets I have not formally recorded, some will surprise and some will be very much in keeping with my history as a Verdi lover…. some lieder, some songs, and very interesting I sincerely hope, will be the little web episodes that I am filming that will explain why I picked the music I have… and talk a little about my love for music and especially the magic of opera…. this will evolve into several other projects I am very excited to begin, and that will be shared a little later…. For now, a call to arms for my soul in service to music…. I don’t feel well when not creating or finding new mountains to climb and just being about the glory of singing and recreating as best I can the wishes of the  composers….. It will all be released on Apple Music and I so hope you enjoy it half as much as I will enjoy doing it….Music is my salvation… and as I said in the beginning of my life as a servant of music, I will give till I have no more….


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