Tebaldi Birthday February 1


Her speaking voice was every bit as beautiful as her singing voice. It had melody, and I use to love the way she would pronounce my name, “Aprile” in so many different lilting tones. It surprised and delighted her when she was remembered by her legions of fans for her birthday. I always sent her flowers and a call, and sometimes exaggerated the amount of flowers. She would laugh and chide me for so expensive a gift, and make me aware of how very wonderful it made her feel….. and one by one, it would please her to no end to see her living room become drenched in flowers and tributes from all over the world.

None of it was about ego. She gave in one currency her whole life and career. Spoke in one language, the language was love. She gave it freely and with abandon and in return was enchanted by the love she would receive in return.

In a world getting used to pygmies, you are a giant in my memory of beauty both physical and vocal, artist to the core and charismatic presence. A true lighthouse to lead those who search for a way back to the sublime and the unforgettable. On February 1, I will call you in my mind and hear your voice in my heart and remember always the divinity that lay in your throat.

~ by aprilemillo on January 30, 2009.

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