Such a fragile time. I can feel a need for music and creation inside of me. Taking time to right the “ship” so to speak is so important but boring. The weather, thank goodness, is a thrilling, bracing cold. I adore freezing weather. In Summer there is only so far you can go to be comfortable. In Winter the layers are endless and cozy. Air, crisp and rebounding for the spirit.

Listening now with two hearts, protecting the Adriana, memorizing the fabulous words and melodies, and learning the Medea. Wish I could sing the Cilea, Marcello is singing one. That would really be something, with Olga Borodina as the rival Princess. The weight would probably stop my chance to do it now, although I hasten to add the best reviews of the season were given to Stephanie Blythe who is robust both of sound and figure, God bless her. She is quite fabulous. For me however, the weight is a tiresome thing and I want it gone.

As for our gal from Greek mythology, that is a revelatory moment.

For the first time I will play a woman who isn’t immediately likable. She must be mythical with earthly pain from the deceit of Jason. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t know that feeling and the very best I can offer her is truth. You may not like her, but you will definitely feel her pain. Difficult choices, magnificent music.

~ by aprilemillo on January 26, 2009.

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