The Sounds of Christmas



I love this little Church.  I had so many things happen here, had my Mother’s Funeral Mass there,  grew up there.  In the Sunday Times Magazine fluff that wrote about me they had the nerve to call it a “ratty little church on 42nd Street.”

It certainly has gone through major reconstruction,  and now quite literally shines.  It is overseen by a priceless treasure named Father Peter Colapietro.  I adore him.  He brings the FAITH truly alive and his sermons should be recorded for all time.  SO, in trying to help this fine fellow KEEP the school open, and to help with expenses at the Church, I decided to throw him a fundraising concert of lots of different and enchanting music.  Christmas music and carols, opera, lieder, and all kinds of surprises…..

While I continue to undergo my transformation,  I offer to God and all who read this, the best thing God gave me…. my voice.  I place in service and support for this marvelous little jewel of a church and it’s amazing Pastor.

Come see me if you can make and let’s celebrate a real time of renewal, and remembering a special baby born centuries ago that would change the world.

~ by aprilemillo on November 8, 2011.

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