And so it goes, round and round….

In the midst of a time of transformation, physically.  Happy to say I am almost back to the 50 pound weight loss of two years ago.  Not going to stop as I did but keep going until I have reached my goal weight number one.  It actually feels so much better, I am able to move without problems from the back, which got me in this mess.

Prepping for a lovely fundraiser for my beloved 42nd Holy Cross Church, and the best gentleman I have known as Pastor, Father Pete Colapietro.  You have to see and HEAR him.  He makes the gospel come alive, and keeps it accessible and real.  God bless him.  So some terrific people are stepping up to perform, and help raise money and I just think that speaks to how great these people are and how much they love to make music.  I will post about that event on Dec.11th in a week or so.

I thought I would post,  as I occasionally do, photos of opera greats and share some intensity with new fans of opera and relive some of the glories and beautiful people that actually did exist.  We are told we ALL stood and barked… like Hell we did.  The actresses were alive, the being exulted, the music was respected and maestri weren’t just in a hurry to go home.  Things had respect.  I am sure it exists today, somewhere.  But just for fun, here are some of the singers and enjoy with me their great sense of personality, and commitment.

Great faces every one of them, and I loved the one with me and Luciano, so had to include it.  How great do they seem?  Pride, style,  presence….. and imagine how they sounded?

~ by aprilemillo on November 5, 2011.