Comin’ thru the Rye

2010. Amazing. New decade begins.
When I was in high school, the thought of the Millennium was of a far off date, from my graduation in 1976 from Hollywood High, I would joke to my friends, “Can you imagine what the world will be like?” Here we are already a decade in. Preparing to bring in the new year, and reflecting as I always do on the events of the year and the friends and family I surround myself with… feeling very blessed.

A couple of dear friends crossed over and I will raise a cup of kindness yet in their memory at Midnight…..dear Dolores Sutton and Geri Tallone.

May God bless this marvelous country, this amazing world we love in. May we learn Peace is the only alternative, and acceptance and compassion is the only solution. May our brave brothers and sisters be brought home safely from the wars, and may all those who cry out in torment and need have a hand that lifts them from their misery. We do hear, we are here, here with you we are.

Thank you for the little victories this year, so important, and for which I am full of gratitude. One step at a time, moving forward, serving music, loving and living and giving.

Happy New Year, and as Tiny Tim intones, “God bless us everyone”……… Amen.

All you need is love by the way. This great youtube video speaks, or rather sings for itself….

~ by aprilemillo on December 25, 2009.

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