This year FLEW by.

An eye-opener for health, and for finally taking stock of it.  Boring these tedious disciplines outside of music.  But, so very necessary.  Two years ago for my recital with OONY I had lost in two months and a half over 50 pounds.  In a combination of bad planning a good deal came back on.  Since February I have done this a little differently.  No quick solution but a lasting one.  So since August, some really serious life changing choices were enacted. All natural, hard to do and ultimately successful for phase one.  55 pounds as of today…. hard won.  The back is much better, back to phase two.  By February another 25 pounds.  Why be so forthcoming?    Mail.  Facebook pleas.  Myspace notes.  Website contact.  Many people imploring me to do something to allow me to sing.  They will never know how much they helped effect that possibility.  Besides, the importance of doing it naturally and slowly is to be healthy, and once that is accomplished, LOTS of surprises in store.

Lost a lot of friends this year and I will miss them so much.  Elizabeth Taylor.  How do you say good-bye to that kind of super nova.  The world is a lot less fun and certainly missing a great source of love and light.  Still doing great things from Heaven even now.  The Christie’s auction of her “toys and baubles and beautiful things” fetched over 156.000.000 million dollars.  A record to be sure.  Some of it will go to her Foundation for AIDS for which she worked tirelessly and gloriously.

This is the world of opera I love.  Can you spot all the true legends of voice?  Obviously front and center,  Rosa Ponselle, Martinelli in the back left, and I believe Galli-Curci first right seated.  Love the flowers in the middle and the water stains. I will try to find out who else.  A tour photo of the Metropolitan in Atlanta.  They all look so interesting and vibrant, and grand.

Here we have Paolo Silveri, the great Renata Tebaldi, Lauri-Volpi, Pia Tassarini, Benvenuto Franci and Toti Del Monte.  What a gathering!!  I believe at Lauri Volpi’s house.  Suits and ties and beautiful respect for who and what they represent.

A very pleasant and loving Christmas in New York with my beloved family, missing my handsome brother in Hollywood, doing great things with his music and charisma….. in somma, a very nice if warm, Christmas.  Prepping for the New Year.

Ah yes, dear readers and friends and fans and foes alike, here come we all to a world-changing before our very eyes.  In need of those passionate and resolved in their love and support and unwavering dedication to the world of music and the Arts.  It is a magic worth saving, worth protecting.  The apologies and the funeral for opera MUST STOP.  They aren’t good enough to kill it, but they are rewriting the script. It is NOT passe’, it is revelent and so needed in today’s mechanical and increasingly detached world.

As the ball drifts downward, ten, nine….eight……seven…. at the countdown, I will be, God willing, with my loved ones, and with a prayer in my heart and soul for all those far away protecting us, for all those who have left this world for their journeys home, all those already deeply missed and all those so in my mind who are suffering now.  Peace to all, a lasting, just and honorable peace and a FAIRNESS to all.  Proud of New York for being a state of equality  and proud of so many who strive to make that a reality everywhere all over the world.

To my family, cherished extended family, colleagues, friends and dear little feline and puppy darlings….. Happy and Healthy New Year!!!  Health and happiness to you and all your families.  Find someone wonderful to hug and maybe even kiss this year and start with a heart of full of song and good cheer … much to be thankful for, and I am.

~ by aprilemillo on December 31, 2011.

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