Gentle genius leaves us


A really lovely and gentle man. Educated, curious about everyone and everything in the arts, a keen and masterful eye. Just to listen to him sing all by himself, without any backup or instruments. He was bursting with creation and music. A real performer.

Had the “IT” special gift from 5 years old on. Burning talent like that that young. Talent. Off the charts brilliant. A loyal friend to so many people I know. Haunted. Lonely in the non cliche true meaning of that word.

I found him delightful, quick witted, very sexy, no kidding, virile and charismatic. A thoughtful host, a prankster, gleeful and full of fun but never at anyone’s expense. An authentic child of “pan”, open, accepting. Loved his music, enjoyed his mini=operas that were his story telling in videos which transformed an entire medium.

I was so looking forward to his return to a sold out 50 concerts show in London and now…. this.

Not from the parasites, no, or the given bad taste in several Los Angeles based nobodies with shows, no they will try and attract the light all they can with stories. But the real fans, the ones that never turned their backs. THOSE fans will turn up in every corner of the world and remember and mourn.

His body transferred from helicopter barely gone three hours made me sob.

Here was this great young man, recluse, alone mostly, inaccessible being roughly transferred to a gurney by a bunch of strangers who probably would never have known him in life. Death an equalizer, now must crack another threshold for the autopsy will be today.


What did do this to him? Sure we want to know. I hope it was a cardiac problem rather than a sensational drug interaction or abuse. Elvis endured that craziness in his final days, and so many other great performers. Wish they knew how much joy they gave above all. How many people grew up listening and enjoying their great talents.

I really do hope their is comfort and solace for his dear family, his young children and his legions of friends and fans. And only oceans of light, gardens of light, and love for him.

Rest in peace and bask in the warmest and greatest spotlight you will ever know, the eternal light of love and peace.


~ by aprilemillo on June 26, 2009.

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