The One and Only: KOBE

Look at him, all youth and spice and vinegar. All at the start, and it has ripened into one of if not the greatest player to play the game.

Jorden? Sure, with a lot help from officating crews and an NBA desperate for a star, they practically handed him “soft” defence….dare to breathe on Jorden and you fouled. He was able and wonderful and so Kobe is so much like him…. But Jorden never scored 81 points.

Speaks Italian does Signor Kobe…….Growing up in Italy.

He played a glorious season that ran into a mack truck, not the Boston Team that needed three super stars just to get to the finals at all, and what a weird group too they are. But a rogue felon offical who “waited” for the right time to “spill” about preferential treatment to the stars the NBA want to promote.
Yeah right, and the Lakers took one on the chin because of this. They never play this badly.

Boston, take care of Kobe’s trophy, he’ll be back to get next year. Hee Hee.

~ by aprilemillo on June 18, 2008.

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