“Ritorna Vincitor!” Busseto, 2016 Operavision Academy

Seeds that grow into an oak…. dreams that run into reality….. so it is we are preparing to return once again to Italy to begin a new our search for the best in ourselves and in the glorious music left to us by master composers and librettists…. Courage to delve deeply and get beyond fear to deliver onstage, the soul of a human being who’s every heart beat is left in the notes on that manuscript which translate into stunning mirrors for our own emotions and heartbeats. A human to human connection that cannot be beat, measured in earthly mortal terms…. such is the possibility, such is the desired result.

Striving now to secure sponsorship enough to offer partial scholarships, and depending on the success of our efforts, even total scholarships to many talented young voices. Money when it comes to art is vulgar to even think about, but we are forced to.

In Busseto, living history of Verdi.  At The Barezzi House where he won sponsorship and help from this wonderful man of the arts, The Teatro Verdi, St. Agata, where Verdi lived and loved and wrote and inspired a nation… The Villa Puccini as we offer our solidarity to Mrs. Simonetta Puccini who diligently and selflessly works to restore the final resting place and Villa of Puccini at Torre del Lago, where the piano sits against the wall of his sepulcher as music still vibrates in his house and through his soul. New rooms were opened and now plans are a foot for a small theatre on the premises to further encourage and expand the knowledge of this great man and his gems in music.

Visiting Franco Zeffirelli’s Museum which is in preparation to launch… how magnificent will that be….what a glory for him, us and Florence, and again in Busseto, Italy for special activities and concerts for the highly successful Museo Tebaldi, in glory to this greatest and most beloved artist, Renata Tebaldi…it feels as if she will walk in the room, and say hello with that 200 mega watt smile and great charisma and beauty of her long remembered and cherished.


Go Towards the Light!

And then to visit again, the Casa Verdi and all our great friends there…. and the great man himself in eternal and noble sleep…..

Not to mention all the great music to study and refine with Maestro Bel Canto himself, Richard Bonynge, who will dazzle us again with his love and great knowledge of voice and music.  A special concert with orchestra and many more exciting things to announce.

For now, enjoy this hint of the brochure, find a way to be with us, contact us with videos of your work, operavisionacademy@gmail.com and let us hear you so perhaps we can help with a partial scholarship.  There is no place I would rather be this summer, come join us as we strive to be the best we can be to be worthy of the great music offered us to sing….and bring alive again….!!!!

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