A Swan that loves the ground under her feet

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Fantastic to study a new person, in music. This restless woman, this woman, unlike the swan, beautiful and gliding on water, but awkward and almost silly on ground, Giorgetta wants to feel the ground secure under her feet and feels off put and off balance on the water. Hates to float around on the water. Misses interaction with the world, a kind of purgatory , as it was I think originally created to be by Puccini…. what incredible music…. so much still to discover…. a journey in music. So many flights of melody soaring that come back to Earth, she is so desperate to get away…to be free, yet she remains with Michele? Different times, but her betrayal…. the baby, the loss. Still coming to terms with her story, so I may tell it in my heart and with my sound in an honest way….

Aprile Millo with Christmas Through the Ages”(c.)2013

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Aprile Millo with Christmas Through the Ages”(c.)2013


CD Baby and Now on Amazon.com!!! Album

This is a musical singing Christmas Card from Aprile Millo to her fans. “Christmas Through the Ages” was arranged and played by Dr. Mary-Lou Vetere.

This is made possible by gracious contributions from a crowdfunding on GOFUNDME campaign. Originally intended for a larger recording of arias and original material, the sum raised is only able to record a single. It is used for this recording, and the proceeds are going to “Jesse Sent Me” a new fund created in memory of Miss Millo’s beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Jesse James. It will donate to Rescues and to help animals out of harm’s way in Kill Shelters. This will be a gift that keeps on giving, and you are making a difference for so many defenseless animals in need of mercy.

Thank you all so much!

Millo Debuts in new Role: Il Tabarro

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Millo Debuts in new Role: Il Tabarro


tabarro millo.jpeg

Puccini Gala
Donato Renzetti, direttore
Donata D’Annunzio Lombardi, soprano
Aprile Millo, soprano
Rudy Park, tenore
Carlos Almaguer, baritonoOrchestra, Coro e Coro di voci bianche del Teatro Carlo Felice
venerdì 7 febbraio ore 20,30
Giacomo Puccini, Suor Angelica
Giacomo Puccini, Il tabarro
In forma di concerto

Aprile Millo New Extended play Christmas CD

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Aprile Millo New Extended play Christmas CD

Aprile Millo sings almost 15 minutes of Christmas Carols in a stunning arrangement created by Dr. Mary Lou Vetere as a tribute to her fans and to donate some of the proceeds to NO KILL Shelters from “Jesse Sent Me”, a new fund in memory of her beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Jesse James who crossed into Paradise this year!!!  Come enjoy and also make a difference……Aprile Millo %22Christmas Through the Ages!%22 1477934_10151927251172772_293041158_n





An Invitation to …..

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I am so pleased to announce that I will be recording this summer a lovely group of arias and songs for a new release on ITUNES, due for Oct.10, Verdi’s Birthday.

Growing up I was always fascinated with Rosa Ponselle.  She at about my same age, made a series of recordings in her own home in Baltimore, MD of fond remembrance for me, The Villa Pace.

She sang everything and anything in her amazing voice and she accompanied herself on piano for much of it.  Enough music for two albums.

I will have piano, but also several other arrangements and instruments, and it will include things that I love to sing, arias from operas I have not yet sung.

And it won’t be in my home, but in a theater.

Some surprises to be sure!  If it can be worked out there will also be bonus discs, some video, and a special edition “Vinyl” album limited issue.

This is such fun!!!   But you know, I have always felt so emotionally raw for recordings.  It last long after we are dust.  So very important to give your best.

So stay tuned, and I hope to leave a document for those who love my singing of how I sounded circa 2013.

So little recording is done these days, and I have this lovely opportunity to share with all my friends and family and fans a “little music from the heart”

In honor of Verdi I am earmarking a percentage be given to Verdi’s Casa Di Riposo in Milano.  The man built a home for retired opera singers so they could live out their days

in dignity.  How much I love him.


More info to come and several other lovely announcements…..




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Nell’alcova d’orata/Operavibe

A place to come chat with me…..


What have you seen?  Are you working a new role or aria?

Heard something you didn’t like?  What are your thoughts about opera?

I never feel more alive than when I am around music, or making music, or discussing music.

Come chat with me, click on Operavibe link above….. the word.

Christmas Time of Year!!!

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Untitled   When voices are raised in song, and hearts look to the Heavens with hope there can be nothing but possibility. Come join me in this lovely Christmas Benefit.

Christmas Concert for Hurricane Relief Victims

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 New York, forever in my heart and soul, my birth place- went through a devastating time. Hurricane Sandy wreaked a lot of havoc up and down the eastern seaboard.  My wonderful Pastor, Father Peter Colapietro has graciously allowed me to present a concert in Holy Cross Church on Dec. 16th at 7 PM as a benefit with the proceeds going to Hurricane Sandy Relief.  The horror and the loss is overwhelming for so many in Statten Island and Long Beach, whole towns were washed into the sea. So, as all New Yorkers do, we stick together and we help pick ourselves up.

Please join me and hear some fabulous young voices, terrific musicians, lots of opera and Italian art songs, a rare peek and listen to my sisters new Musical CONNECTIONS which just had  a successful Kickstarter campaign and will be presented in a limited run in New York in the spring. A few surprises as well if all goes as I plan.   Come and help out your fellow New Yorkers, spend some time with me in a beautiful Church at Christmas time, lets sing together and look forward to a brighter and more fabulous 2013.  The 200th anniversary of Verdi’s birth. Music saves everything, and after the New Year is rung in I will have some fun things to share as well.

Click below and go buy some tickets……. it is going to be a great night……


Good things come to those…..

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Who wait…….

So, Medea, difficult, mercurial, angry and sublime, in Brazil will have to wait until April.  Frustrating, but I will make this all important role debut as Cherubini’s Medea on April 8 in Rio at the Theatro Municipal and a truly classy amazing concert of Handel historically reproduced by Randy Mickelson and with the legendary Richard Bonygne on the podium on April 15


I am not good with waiting, but I think God forces your hand sometimes, and with patience I will complete the total return to health, and then make a bounding leap back on to the world stage to give everything I have…… it will be very interesting and ultimately rewarding.

Serving this great music means so much to me, always has.

I am frequently my own worst enemy, because I defend it so much, I talked about loving it and listening to old singers records, taking my nod from the old school.  Never understood why this set so many critics on edge.

Didn’t Mickey Mantle know all about Babe Ruth and Joe Dimaggio?  Tiger Woods knows and is inspired to top and be the best by the example of San Snead and Hogan, and Jack Nicklause.  They were galvanized by what glories came before them. Ponselle came to Muzio performances, and Corelli would hear from Lauri Volpi.  This was considered the norm.  Dancers went to study with Ballenchine and Martha Graham and Agnes De Mille….no one copied.  They just absorbed traditions…..

I was influenced by the greats, sought them out, because they did music the way I WANTED to. No one GOT me like the older singers did.  They understood. Birgit, Leonie, Joan Sutherland and Zinka, Renata and Montserrat, Rise and Marilyn Horne and Carlo Bergonzi and …..they graciously sought me out or came backstage to congratulate me and it was always with a look of relief on their faces that someone was continuing on doing some of the traditions they represented.  All the maestri who actually understood how to get the best from the singers, realizing each one brings a strength and a weakness with them in service to a piece of music. Nothing has ONLY ONE WAY of doing it. They knew this.

Today everyone is encouraged to show behind the scenes, go backstage in someone’s life….. be normal.  Why?

I have not been blessed with children, no married life, nothing remotely speaks girl next door about me, don’t want to be ordinary, don’t want to fit in…. I love where I go for those hours on stage…. another world, and in it I have a power I do not in this world.  I can touch beauty, intangible, I am beautiful and transcendant…. often out of reach except in the embrace of the music.

I become more beautiful than I would ever hope to be…. words are poetry, music is divine, life is honor and tragedy and full of passion…..and joy. Then the curtain comes down.

So, to have the chance to do this right, and with the right people, in my best way, I must wait.

and prepare……

Stay tuned….. thirty years on the stage – a desire and a fire. This is going to be so much fun….

To be onstage, in the spotlight, the “open eye of God”…doing what I have done since I was 9…..

I have missed it.

So thrilling a Summer….

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What a rare opportunity to do this score of Cherubini, it is quite spectacular, and the drama is so deep and really disturbing.  I have never played a woman so very brutal and it will need special care from me to keep her always honest to that immense possibility of great love or violence, great potential for help or destruction she holds simmering under the surface.

The concert with Richard Bonygne is quite something akin to a dream.  I have since I was a little girl loved him and his work, and followed them, he and his stunning Joan Sutherland wherever I could hear them sing.

And here we are in this fabulous program with the great Randy Mickelson at the  helm of the historic restoration.  Must work diligently and deliberately to be ready.


What a blessing to return to Brasil in this glorious way before a public I adore…….