When voices meant everything.

Growing up, this was what it felt like at home.

People dressed for rehearsal, they cared, they had respect. The music was sacred.

They were the first in everyone’s mind/ Singers.

Look at this great group of videos from 1938-40-51 with Caniglia and Martinelli in the first clip from an opening night Otello Met, (how great it all looks!) to the last excerpt with Favero and Gigli in a liberal Traviata clip. I include also a Verdi Parma Ernani clip in celebration, and two of a Mascagni “Top 40” so to speak.

What a vibrant time of music making. Enjoy!

Opening Night: The Met a glow with talent and diamonds! “Otello”– Giovanni Martinelli, Maria Caniglia, and Lawrence Tibbet; who favors the telecameras with a great one liner before he goes to leave for the stage. I laughed out loud! He was so dear. Wanting only to give his very best.

“Cavalleria Rusticana” from Rome with Maestro himself.

A Verdi 50th Anniversary celebration from Parma. The words the commentator states are so full of pride and beauty and nobility at the achievements of one of Italy’s greatest Native Sons in music it made my heart swell. Verdi did indeed give a noble voice to the populus,in his melody you can hear the soul and the fantasia that is Italy in it’s love of God, family and nation.

“Barcarola dall’opera “Silvano” “Romanza del falco” da “Isabeau”, as sung by Beniamino Gigli (only with audio for half alas.) “Inno del sole” da “Iris” (unfortunately only with audio for the first 20 bars or so.)

A very wonderful Favero, with abbreviated but accomplished coloratura and a very lyric, gorgeous Gigli, seemingly filmed at different times. Combined though to great effect and brilliant vocalism. Bravi Tutti!!! You triumph still.

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