From the mind of Verdi…

In today’s insanity of searching for young, younger, youngest audiences, the dilution of an art form is in full swing. The behind the scenes might be ruining a bit of the mystique and glamor. Here in Verdi’s own words about the art of opera as opposed to the promotion of it….

From Francis Toye’s account of “Giuseppe Verdi: His Life and Works.”
To a well known critic, Filippi about his possible support of the opening of AIDA in Cairo….

“What I am going to say to you will seem strange, very strange; but you must forgive me if I feel I must unburden myself of what is on my mind.

You at Cairo? Why, nothing would be more important for AIDA in the way of publicity.

To me it seems that art practiced in this manner is no longer art, but a trade, a diversion, a sport, something to run after, to be made, if not successful, at least notorious at any cost. The feelings aroused in me are disgust and humiliation…..”

and then,

” Journalists, singers, players, choristers, and directors, etc etc.. all have to contribute their stone to the edifice of publicity, to make in this way a cornice of nonsensical trifles that add nothing to the merit of the opera and may quite possibly detract from it’s real value. It is deplorable, utterly deplorable… All I desire for this opera is a good and especially an intelligent production from the vocal, instrumental and scenic point of view. As for the rest- a’ la grace de dieu”

~ by aprilemillo on March 1, 2011.