Magda gives courage and example

She is so amazing. I called to tell her how much I enjoyed the filmetto of hers and the little piece of Francesca that she illuminated so gorgeously with her voice and expression at an appearance just recently and we had a fabulous conversation. I will never forget what she said….. she is a beacon.

We talked a bit about the “ballerina” size required of so many voices today….. and she said pay no mind to any talk, or current fads, keep your mind on the important things. The music, and the expression and the privilege you have in being able to serve that. She makes me cry.

“I take your arm and I hold on to it tightly, tightly, and when you sing, we are together upon that stage. I follow you and with a heart full of support, I pray God give you strength and courage, the music is everything….. Bocca lupo in all you do…..sono con te!”

How do you say thank you for something like what she just said. You don’t. You just renew your spirit, keep it humble, and keep on going.

Thank you dear and gracious Lord for so great an artist as this. To take time to impart words of support and encouragement, clarity about certain questions I asked. Admonishments to me about becoming distracted, and renewed concentration, “when you can do what you do, you must!” Aware that the art is entrusted to us, generation to generation and is not some “OLD” or “ludicrous” art but a breathing and amazingly alive means of expression even in today’s artificial times. Not to be insulted by it’s own servants, but cherished and transfigured by our own life histories and sounds and truth, and then, eventually, passed on to others.

And for her shining humanity….. a beacon of truth, and example, and God’s infinite beauty.

Thank you for this great conversation……. I needed it.

~ by aprilemillo on June 15, 2009.

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