Happy Birthday, Renata!

So strange the veil that descends when death takes a loved from your view and access. I used to call her a lot, and especially loved being one of the hundreds, I kid you not, HUNDREDS who would call her to be remembered on her birthday, Feb. 1. I so miss hearing her very melodious voice and cadence….. ” Aprile “, or ” Che bello, Millo” with the double L so gorgeously rolled. She was so incredibly hypnotic as a person and a performer. She and Muzio and Ponselle are the voices that enchanted me as a child and informed my ear. I so miss this great artist and great friend…… trust me, one smile and you are dazzled.

Happy Birthday, dear Renata. I miss you so much.

~ by aprilemillo on February 4, 2011.

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