A harvest most plentiful


What I am always thankful for is my family, my health and theirs, my great and wonderful friends, my ability to love and be loved back, my heart being so open to the majesty and grandness of music.
Music. How deeply grateful I am for His blessing me with this opportunity to have music transfigure my life.

To all who visit, to all who drop by on occasion, to all my fans, and the lovely public that writes to me and keeps me thrilled by their thoughts and praise and to all who serve music as well.

May God bless and protect you and your loved ones at this time and always.

May all who fight in harms way be brought home the soonest possible, and may they know their grateful nation’s gratitude as they celebrate far from home.

May God send enlightenment to our “leaders” that they be inspired to think first of the Nation and it’s people rather than their individual parties.

May God send curiosity to everyone about the Arts. Symphony, Opera, Ballet, Broadway. Creative, and not just popular…… or pretty…….It is a magical world.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

~ by aprilemillo on November 24, 2010.

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