Magda “the direct link” herself in NYC.

Marcello Giordani, Italian Tenor great and Metropolitan Opera’s superstar, launches his brand new Foundation here in New York City at the New York Athletic Club on May 7th.

A Great opening for this new foundation, with an eye towards the future and the RESPECT for those that protected it and got this to us in one glowing piece of truth…
I am so thrilled to have been asked to introduce via LIVE satellite feed from her home in Milano, the “direct link” herself….. Magda Olivero.

Mr. Giordani is presenting her his foundation’s very first Lifetime Achievement Award.

Press Release May 7th

At the fundraiser launch, the first winners of his Foundation support will present a small recital and offer a glimpse into the way this organization thinks.

Support and courage for the future with total respect, admiration and gratitude for those great singers of the past. It is a tradition to pass from one generation to another….

Cannot wait to watch this…….. we will be part of history unfolding as we speak to history living among us in this humble, gracious, amazing lady…… and celebrate a beautiful and powerful new champion for the ARTS in the Marcello Giordani Foundation……

Bravo Marcello, Bravissima Magda…….

~ by aprilemillo on April 23, 2010.

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