Cilea himself at the ivories

“Caruso sings a snippet from the opera, “Adriana Lecouvreur” (which he created the role), accompanied by the composer, Francesco Cilea.

The title, “No, piu nobile,” is the first line of the enor part of the duet. No soprano was at the session, so the composer plays on and on after Caruso’s solo until the recordist, Fred Gaisberg, decided that enough was enough.

This recording was recorded in Milan on December 1st, 1902, during the session to make a alternate version for two worn-out masters which Caruso made in April of that year.

This record is not in my possession. It is now in the collection of a Chinese collector, H.K.S, whom I bought the Moreschi record. The audio was recorded by him, with the Berliner “Improved” gramophone.”

Now that is fabulous, with Cilea at the piano. How luxurious the tempi and correct. The words and the tone of the voice dictate the speed of expression.

~ by aprilemillo on January 7, 2009.