Susan Boyle: Talent matters!

In an unlikely forum came a chance to learn a valuable lesson.

On Britain’s Who’s Got Talent out came a lady who says she hasn’t been outside her village for a long distance since she was 12; never been on a date or been kissed; who works as a church volunteer, and lost her Mum two years ago who had always hoped she would do something with her life…. as she lives alone with her cat, Pebbles, in Blackburn, Scotland.

Why was she there now at 48? “Never been given the chance before….”

As famous as….? “I’d liked to be as famous as Elaine Page….”

Out she comes to a brutal pre judgement by a crowd, jeers and wolf calls and flat out derision. Laughter when she said she wanted to be a professional singer.

Her outward appearance gave plenty of fodder for the superficial grist mill manned by ‘merry andrews’ all too eager with a nasty gibe or two.

Then she sings.

Sums it up. The talent is still the most important thing. The voice. You either have it or not. An indictment on today’s cynical speed that some are written off, and others given advancement on looks.

Her Mum must be smiling broadly in the Scottish Hills. 10 million plus have watched on Youtube alone, they all join her. I know I do.


~ by aprilemillo on April 16, 2009.

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