“Thank you for what you gave me!” says Magda!

The voice prays when she sings and she brings you straight to God.


A person, a connection,indeed a way of life. an example of what it used to mean to be called “artist” that exists to this day in her. No apologies for the art, no saying they are not a disciplined, dedicated OPERA SINGER, just humility and a complete knowledge of service.

Direct first hand stories of a memorable, legendary career and of collaborations with Puccini, Giordano, Gigli, Cilea, Serafin, Schipa. It is enough to make your mind boggle.

Always aware of her connection with God on stage, “walking into a sacred halo”, protected by her belief in the greatness of the art and her total commitment to it. She BECAME the character.
At the end of the interview she gives thanks to God and to all “for what you gave me.”

Today Magda, great Magda, Happy Birthday, the word thank you, as you said, cannot encompass everything we mean to say to you, thank you for what YOU gave us.

Happy Birthday, Grande Olivero!!!!!!!!!!!

~ by aprilemillo on March 27, 2009.

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