Senator “Kennedy”

Why not?

Really. A distinguished and fabulous family of public servants. Her father without question one of the greatest Presidents ever, her mother a fabulous figure of strength and culture that got this country through the darkest of all times both for herself and her grateful country.

New York owes a huge debt to Jacqueline Kennedy, she defied the odds to save so many landmarks in this city, the glowing return of the Grand Central Station to it’s former glory is thanks to her tireless work and that’s just one example.

I remember having the distinct pleasure of meeting her at the Metropolitan Opera one evening, a woman of real class.


Her uncle Bobby was a terrific representative of New York and very beloved here. They hassle about “hereditary seat“, a “dynasty“. Since when has a lifetime of service from multiple members of one family been something to complain about? Usually, privileged families think about themselves and how to spend their money. Not so in this case. Distilled from their earliest thought the Kennedy’s generation after generation have sought to make the world a better place.

Caroline would make a hell of a good Senator. An accomplished and tireless advocate for literacy, devotion to privacy, she has several very well written books about it as well as the Constitution, an attorney, champion of education and the arts. She would make her amazing Uncle, the one and only Senator Edward M. Kennedy, very proud and together they would make affordable Health Care a true option for all in America. Hillary was a sterling and wonderfully attentive Senator, I think she would be thrilled as well. I sincerely hope this happens.

Her parents would be so proud, and her darling brother would be brimming with pride. God bless them all.

~ by aprilemillo on December 17, 2008.

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