Head to State

Huge decisions in this election. Thoughtful recollections. A Navy fighter pilot tested and gritty, a likable fellow and worthy of respect. Overused but accurate word for McCain, a mavarick. A real change for the American concept of Republican, if elected he would be his own man not the party’s.

A war hero begging the country he would die for to actually SEE him, and let him fight for her once more. “Fight with me…..stand up!”……He is an amazing story.

A historic neophyte who speaks well and has a real vision for the world. Not tested but different, worthy of respect, a man for history that should already have been written long ago, a person to lift hopes and inspire change. Even with a one page resume I would be intrigued to see the world with his thoughtful take on it.

For me the real candidate for change and fulfillment of promise was a woman. In fact it is the women in this race for the White House that fascinated me during the over long election process. All of the ideas on both sides currently being used, were ideas of Hillary Rodham Clinton. What a force of nature.

What a waste for the Democratic party not to have used this great talent.

The book has not closed on this attractive, brilliant stateswoman.

You can be sure. The Democratic Party’s betrayal of this multi-talented amazing woman though has made this once staunch Democrat think twice I truly regret to say.

Sarah Heath Palin, the biggest breath of fresh air in years. A female Ronald Reagan, easy and very winning way with the public, accessibility and killer instincts.

Her kids alone make me root for her.

This is so strange too because a lot of what she speaks about I don’t agree with. I cannot say I agree with much she says when it regards the Gay Rights issues, Gay Marriage and her support of a constitutional ban on it, in fact I don’t.

I am slightly more confused about the abortion issues, yet lean to Pro Choice, but I understand why some would be squeamish about it. I respect her support for the troops and the horrible position they are in, and her love of country and family. As men have done before her she is unafraid and not yet too obvious in her use of natural personal charisma. She is unafraid to be a woman, skirts and stiletto’s and all. NO female male figure, a woman.

And more to the point, I hate what the media did to both these women. Make no mistake about it we are being manipulated by a very savvy and singleminded media. This is a national disgrace and no one is saying a word. No longer content to TELL the news as it happens, they MAKE the news. You hear a speech and before you digest what you heard they TELL you what you heard. Complete bias, blather and manipulation. It is like watching an outsize remake of Citizen Cane or Mr. Smith goes to Washington. I foamed at the mouth over what they did to Hillary, she was triumphant ultimately because country is first for her, and what they try to do to Palin and are ongoing in so doing may backfire. It is hard to watch.

Their is no forum for respectable, calm debate. EVERYONE is yelling, the age of CROSSFIRE has begun. EVERYONE who yells must be right. NOT.

But when the talking heads FILTER what you see and hear thru their own prism, all hope for impartial coverage is lost. That is a real tragedy. Scary actually. We most likely only created a monster.

I hope the possibility of voter fraud isn’t a factor and resolved quickly. I love this country, youthful and vigorous and full of still, so much promise.

Either way, for me it was the women in this election that provided the most entertainment. They gleaned valuable information on how far women have come, and how double the standard still is, a huge obstacle for them, for equality in all work fronts. How far these two ladies have carried the banner and sadly how far we still have to go.

~ by aprilemillo on October 28, 2008.

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