Tebaldi and Napoli:Love

The tape used for this Youtube.com clip is in some trouble with speed and such but it serves as a total document to the love affair that existed in most of the theaters Renata sang, especially beloved in the magical city of Naples, at the historic Teatro San Carlo. Listen to this rich and magnificent singing, and witness first hand a reading of what used to be expected in opera, in places like this section of Traviata, the emotionally charged “Amami Alfredo!”, which is encored. The sentiment and the total understanding of the feeling expressed in the words and the melody of G. Verdi’s great opera is so beautiful and heartbreaking. They KNOW what her sound is imparting and they understand the words.

Not only, rarely, is such a huge voice able to sing this great Verdi heroine. Amazing.,,,,

~ by aprilemillo on August 24, 2008.

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