“Little Flying Warrior” Kobe the Great

In China they called him the “Little Flying Warrior”, he is cheered as THE face of the NBA and receives more cheers than even the National hero- Yao Ming.

I am a very enthusiastic sports fan. I was THRILLED with Michael Phelps amazing 8 Golds, the charismatic “bolt” of lightening, Usain Bolt who put you in his heart as he destroyed land speed records. I loved how the relay teams for the USA hampered by concentration problems, asked more of themselves and gritted out a spectacular final relay groups, winning Gold in stunning fashion.

The Beach Volley ball, the soccer teams, the moments of people becoming Olympians and still being human. Loved all of it.

But Basketball was my focus…..Kobe.

I adore this young man, for all his flaws and his many gifts, I love him. His heart is so big and his work ethic and commitment.

What a great victory for the American Team, a fabulous, TEAM play that Kobe thrived in until told by his coach to let the “mamba” loose. His 14 points at the critical point in the very close game with Spain was the difference. He and the amazing phoenix of the fabulous Dewayne Wade were the highlights for me.

Ko-beee, Ko-beee……they chanted. The closing ceremonies will be emotional. I pray this beautiful country opens it’s heart to freedom’s, to rights and to joys they deserve. It’s a start.

Bravo Kobe. The best. Golden.

~ by aprilemillo on August 24, 2008.

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