In her rightful way

This is her natural way, the right way, to glide and shimmer on the placid waters in regal beauty and refined peace. Outside of the water, she walks badly, cannot really keep steady, looks ungainly.

I identify with her so much.

In life, where do you glide, do you feel right, do you touch a refined peace? Do you have such a place?

I do, I think, among my family, yes, and friends. There is a feeling of belonging. But something feels off.

The stage is where I feel the best. Not in a show off way, or exhibitionist way. There is another world there for me, the music takes me to a better world. The emotions and the feelings are more readily acceptable dressed as it were in gorgeous melodies. All who serve music know this bliss.

“What time does the next swan leave?”

~ by aprilemillo on July 26, 2008.

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