My first time singing with Luciano

This is from a performance in 1988, with a fabulous cast.

I purposely post here in inferior quality as it is a cherished tape of mine that has never been seen.

It is a private tape of mine and I share only this segment here. I will remove it at the end of this month.

Luciano had heard of me but we had never sung a complete opera live,- we had done a rehearsal of AIDA, “O terra addio” together, with Fiorenza C. running everywhere all over the house listening to how we blended and she graciously told Luciano, “Due voci Italiane insieme bellissime.!” –

I was very grateful to her for that and later when we sang in Rome together in AIDA I reminded her of that and we had many very fabulous performances. What a great voice!

This was our first performance together…..I was called in for a colleague who was ill for this one performance and had had no rehearsal…….

Here you can see him “sing” with me, watching intently…..he looks fabulous and he is on fire in this piece. His father had told him about me and adua knew of me, but this was our first time….

I post tonight in memory of Luciano and how much fun we had together.

How very dearly I miss his beautiful sound and miss HIM.

~ by aprilemillo on May 22, 2008.