Vocal Titans in full glory

Birgit Nilsson and Franco Corelli were two singers with thunder in their throats. There are very few, if any, examples of the kind of thrust and sound they used to make. No one alive is that big. There are hints, but nothing compares to Tebaldi, Crespin, Rysenak, and these two amazing “children”. They used to love to toss the vocal glove down and out sing each other. It made for some incredible nights in the theater. Wow. Listen and understand how mythical the creatures used to be that strode the stages then. The generosity, the giving quality, the emotion, frowned on by some of our critics today, but the audience eats it up. Still would. Still do.

Franco Corelli (Il principe ignoto Calaf); Birgit Nilsson (La principessa Turandot); Anna Moffo (Liù) in Giacomo Puccini’s TURANDOT live!! – Act 2 -Philadelphia March 04.1961 Conductor: Leopold Stokowski

~ by aprilemillo on March 23, 2008.