Night of Stars and high hopes~and candid talk


Eve Queler will celebrate 100 performances at Carnegie Hall. From the inception, an organization deeply rooted in the basis principles of opera. Singers, keeping music alive, introducing the public to a variety of music largely unknown for the most part or not heard of recently. Pleasing her public. Always an opera crowd, they go to hear great singing. She has had some incredible nights in the theater. I have been privileged to be part of many of them. My first real job in New York City, singing Matilde in William Tell. SO many wonderful memories.

It promises to be a great night, and I love the mix of stars. God bless her……

Dress alert. What to wear is always a drama.drama-in-fashion-smaller-copy.jpg

I had hoped for a fabulous unveiling, after working for so many months to break out of this self imposed “fat suit”, and look like this….


but alas, a month and half of back problems and the dreaded no movement and with prodding and relaxing of muscles and inflammation……. well, most of the progress is nulled. The face of the audience will continue to be,bara20theda20cleopatra_02.jpg

and so I must press on….. pick it up again, with even more discipline and surprise another day. All sorts of things are planned before my return to the Met, so for those that love me, fret not. This was a setback, nothing less……still it was going so well.

Besides, how do I miss a chance to sing with my dear friend, Dolora and have some more fun as we usually do.germanflapper.jpg

~ by aprilemillo on February 27, 2008.