Keeping vigil with Muzio

Before a performance I love to commune with those that sang music for the right reasons.  Those who go to some place special and unique. Non better than this singer to whom I am particularly devoted;  Claudia Muzio.  I made this little video to make sure she was part of the Youtube age.  I hadn’t found too much of her.  This is one of my favorite melodies ever in her capable hands it becomes an anthem to all things possible and yet to be dreamed. This is what I wrote on the video information at

An expressive and magnificent artist, who has it all.  Famed Italian tenor Giacomo Lauri-Volpi  in his incredible books about music and philosophy,  specifically in his book about the singers of his day “Le voci parallele” spoke about Muzio and describes Muzio’s sound as a voice full of “tears and sighs”-   She has long been an example of what opera can be about when it is not just someone singing notes of music, but using them to convey the deepest emotions of not just the singer, but all of us.   My mother introduced me to her, yet another thing to thank her for….. I love this voice so much, I grew up listening to and being moved by this great artist, her life and her music. This selection is a melody written by her great friend and admirer, Lincinio Refice (1885-1954), a priest that wrote many pieces for Muzio, one most famously being his sacred opera “Cecilia”, and this little beauty.         

He wanted someone with God in their throat……..He found it! Enjoy!!Frankly, anyone hearing her is never going to be the same.No copyright infringement intended. Private video of mine made by me in tribute.

 And I listen to my fatherdad-in-profile-copysmaller.jpg sing Brahms…… he really was very special.                             

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