An intimate view of Verdi’s belongings

The straight forward and lovely room, well appointed, grand without being ostentatious.

The sign of love and respect from the Milanese the vigil of his death putting hay on the street outside to quiet the wheels of the traffic so he would have peace in his final hours.

All haunting thoughts in this clip of the remembrance of his death 50 years later.

It is an interesting and emotional clip filled with video of his personal things and objects of interest.

I had the opportunity for a private visit when I was there years ago, and the cast of his hand I did not lift, but I did put my hand inside.

It fit perfectly and almost made me feel like some long lost daughter! To have been able to shake his hand for real. Great man.

When I won his award in 1978 there was a fabulous statue inside the Teatro Verdi in Busetto, and I prayed in front of it every day just before it became my turn came to sing.

I was 20 years old.

First time I ever sang with orchestra! I marveled at it all. How would my voice sound with all these other sounds.

It was under Hugh Ross, a great gentlemen himself and a friend and colleague of my Father, as he led the rehearsal for the winners. In the performance it wouold be Angelo Campora.

While I stood reverently in front of his marble face, I was asking him (verdi) to use me and my voice as he would want it, that I would step aside and let him come through me.

At that moment, I swear, that marble eye winked at me!!

It must have tickled him. He must have seen the sincerity in my heart and my deep love for his music. Needless to say, I went in there and let “him” do his magic and “we” won..

I had told all the organizers, they all had a good time with it, the “Fanciulla da California” had seen the great maestro wink. They all loved it when I won.

The head of the competition giving me the award winked. Such fun.

Too many high notes you think? Is she daft?

Maybe. Who knows. A man who wrote so many beautiful, heartfelt exchanges between father and daughter perhaps took pity on this little girl from the USA who adored him.

It certainly made this vain-glorious little excursion that often is “competitions”, but was for me my first real moment of opera something very special, and full of magic.

~ by aprilemillo on October 21, 2007.

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