“At dawn, I win” “Vincero’!” The voice with the sun….


His voice had the sun in it.

It is fitting that he crossed over before dawn…..leaving us with a sunrise that will forever remind us of his brilliant, sunny, fabulous voice and warm humor.

What a truly amazing personality and presence.

I will be mourning two Luciano’s.

One was the mega-mega superstar of opera. A kind of success that is difficult to repeat in these days. The golden voice front and center. Where it should be.

Sold out not only the opera houses but Madison Square Garden!

Not since Caruso was there a voice so representive in the public eye as Luciano’s was and he became THE name given when referring to all things operatic…..

And Luciano, the man. A smart and honest, faithful friend who was like a brother to me….. I will miss them both deeply.

I was proud and honored to know him and his family and to cheer myself hoarse whenever hearing him.

Sometimes, I was literally five inches from him-with the best seat in the house- and could hear first hand the glory and perfection of that sound up close, the emission so even and true, with perfect diction, the voice so projected and round.

Much will be said in the days ahead as people mourn this grand fella from Modena.

His star will again light a huge interest in his beloved world of opera, and all of us will take solace in the fabulous videos and records that remain of his splendid talent and artistry and the vivid memories of performances of his which were always like a love fest. To be fair I must add that his voice recorded well, but to have heard him live will always be a great privilege for me.

All of those who did hear him live in the theater consider yourself blessed.

The critics will out do each other summoning “meaningful” expressions of joy and dismay at his untouchable success. They can say what they want.

Few if any of them will ever have an impact as large as Luciano on the world of music and most likely none will be remembered centuries from now like Luciano will.

My thoughts and energies are instead with his family, with Adua and his darling daughters, to Gabriella, his sister and to Nicoletta and baby, Alice. God bless them and give them comfort and solace.

I mark this day forever in my soul, this his first day in Paradise. He died as the sun was rising….. at dawn, he wins!

“Vincero’……vincero’ !!!!”

E’ vero, dear friend. Hai vinto tutto. You did win.

Bravo, Baby!……luciano-pavarotti11.jpg

Here the angelic voice of Renata Tebaldi sings the famous prayer section of the gorgeous aria for Desdemona from Otello, “Ave Maria,piena di grazia….” by Giuseppe Verdi. I add this today as a prayer for the soul of the great Luciano, so recently departed but never to be too far from my thoughts and spirit.

Five inches away from the magic of his art! And loving every minute of it. At the end, he whispered in my ear something I will never forget and you can see my reaction!

He was really something special. Listen to this wonderful excerpt from Verdi’s great “Un Ballo in Maschera” ……

And, this charming mix of the great Irish Music legends, The Chieftains and an orchestra with the native son of Italy front and center.

The interior melodies supplied by the Irish lads give it a extra fabulous layering not often heard in this and I personally loved it. Enjoy and remember always this great man of fun and talent.

and finally for Fernando, Luciano’s Dad and for Adele, his Momma and for Luciano, as they lay in peaceful slumber a little lullaby from the great tenor and favorite of Luciano’s…..Gigli welcomes Luciano with a favorite melody I think you will recognize.


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