Full of expression and raw emotion: MUZIO

I love this photo of this great voice, the great diva, known by anyone who really cares about opera as the Divine Claudia. As in Claudia Muzio.

Look at the eyes and the whole being, unafraid and out there. She hated taking photos unless it meant something, unless she felt something for the camera to catch.
What an amazing artist. Her voice and her expression, the risks for communication.

Love it. Respect it.

Click on the video IPOD in orange in the column next to this one and see what the fuss is all about in my tribute video to her using the amazing “Ombra di nube” recording she made ; a piece written specifically for her by Lincinio Refice, who also wrote for her as well as the sacred opera, Cecilia.


~ by aprilemillo on August 8, 2007.

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