Justice for “Laura” on GH. ABC


Okay, so I follow the soaps. I have been blessed to know a lot of accomplished people on them, in front of the camera and behind.
This one, Genie Francis, along with the glorious Erika Slezak and Tony Geary, and Kassie Depaiva mean the most to me.

“Laura” as played by Genie Francis on GH was the reason I started watching soaps. They married Laura to a blue eyed, Blonde haired Kin Shriner who played “Scotty” and I swear I looked for my Scotty. He was something to behold, and they were young perfection. Then in walked Tony Geary as Luke. Their chemistry was off the charts.

Yes, on that November day in Los Angeles,when they had thirty million people, just as wild as me, tuned in to make it the most watched show in the history of daytime serials- it was also the year I came to New York to join the Met. Nov.16 they married. Nov. 22……. I arrived in New York,in a blistering snow storm. Knowing no one, really.

I watched the daytime lineup growing up….they were like family. God bless this talented actress who filled up many lonely days for a young fresh kid from Los Angeles just out of High School.
She is a fabulous actress and made it look too easy. Finally, as Etta James sang so well, “At Last” she got her Golden Lady for her mantel. You deserve it dear heart. Brava and thanks!

~ by aprilemillo on June 16, 2007.

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