The opera never ends….good.


When I was a younger gal, around 9 or 10 I met a curley haired boy with a face like a young Ty Power, and we used to dream about being a “team” in music. He drew this to signify the importance of the one note in recordings. The lady is not small. Must she be? They want us to have have the voice of a Stradivarius in the body of a ukelele. Makes me wonder, not all bad, right?

The old saying is, atrociously, that the opera is never over until the fat lady sings. In today’s Hollywood-ization of this splendid, magical world of music and words, they don’t want fat people.
So, I guess, bring a pillow, because it ain’t over till she sings and she ain’t there! LOL. Not a new concept, at best. This too, shall pass…..the mirror. Nothing bad about a little reinvention.
A blog to talk about life, and different views of opera. Mine is decidedly an old fashioned window. oh well.

~ by aprilemillo on May 26, 2007.

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