Champion Returns For Summer 2016 Operavision Academy!

Thrilled to announce that the amazing bel canto Champion Richard Bonynge, who so enchanted and inspired our wonderful Operavision Academy has graciously agreed to be with us for Summer 2016!!! 

4b6f6fe6-10a3-42ef-8b84-c1bf6934c124.jpgI am very sure he is so very busy and other programs are aching to have him, the word in Italy when he was with us was fantastic with everyone so thrilled and happy….but he has agreed and we are thrilled that he will be with us again.

Many more things to announce after the new year, but young singers, and singers of every age really anxious to see themselves in a different way? Stay tuned, many wonderful Masters will be joining us this year, and Operavision Academy’s  little elves are working around the Holiday season to see if we cannot have a few scholarships to offer as well. Our intent is to inspire…. and this year we have added a few amazing places of history….that will take your breath away….

Thank you Maestro Stupendo, we love and adore you and cannot wait to see and work with you again…..

~ by aprilemillo on December 6, 2015.