To HONOR and Celebrate Opera and its GREATS/ A Summer of Discovery!

A chance for this beautiful summer to unfold, with people from 16 to 65 showing their love for the world of opera, in concerts and immersion into the fabric of a society of beautiful people in a culture that breeds beauty and melody and is a place and country so full of opera history is boggles the mind.

I have to thank profoundly Carlo Menconi and the amazing champions of opera The Circolo Carrarese Amici della Lirici “A. Mercuriali” for the profound inspiration and priceless help and advice.  They are a miraculous, intelligent amazing people and I thank them most profoundly, especially Carlo Menconi for his great heart, and knowledge and guidance.

How do I say thank you to a great man of family, and of society, and of theater. Thank you to Tony Award Winning Producer, Luigi Caiola, without whom, this Summer of LOVE for the Art of Opera and the Operavision Academy would never have been able to happen at the level we are able to present it to our beloved Italy….. Luigi, thank you, and your amazing family, but thank you…. from my heart and all our hearts.  You know I love you…..

Here then,

Operavision Academy and its young artists make this pilgrimage to a place of so much history and are humbled to be even a small part of the spiritual and musical prism of genius melody, prodigious profound poetry and beauty that is Italy. Instead of just partaking the sights, and enjoying the food resplendant and unsurpassed, the wines kissed by Italian sunshine grown in a rich soil of centuries of care and love, and share this with the people so full of joy and passion, we wish also to leave a trace of our heart to remain always faithfully in Italy with our song and from our hearts, the sounds of our very souls.

Operavision Academy is giving several concerts featuring the young artists of this year’s Academy, and also some of the wonderful Italian artists who serve music so fabulously here in Italy and make their nation proud…..There we are pleased and honored to be presenting formally donations to three of the most important and historic Foundations in Italy who are some of the beloved guardians of the memories and the works of some of the Sons and Daughters of Italy who gave so prodigiously their gifts to the world. May they NEVER be forgot, and thank you to these great and worthy Foundations.

A United family in service to Opera!   One month and counting…..launching with hearts full and hopes high!!!!

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~ by aprilemillo on June 9, 2015.